Wood Floor Polishing, Bleaching and Cleaning DC

Wood Floor Polishing DC offers a wide range of wood floor polishing, bleaching and cleaning service that can extend the life of your wood floors while leaving them shiny and clean. Our wood floor cleaning products eliminate dust, oil, dirt and other contaminants that can lead to costly repairs and eventually weaken the wood flooring.
We understand the complexities associated with the hardwood floors and that is why we provide proper sealers and water base finishes to safeguard your wood flooring investment.
Deep Cleaning
Hardwood floors are very difficult to clean as they absorb fungi, dust, dirt and bacteria deep into it. Wood Floor Polishing DC provides professional hardwood polishing, bleaching and cleaning services. We don’t just clean the wood floor surface, but we extract hidden dirt from deep within the board, dry and clean the surface of the floor and then apply a shining top coat.
A quality approach towards hardwood floor maintenance:
We are focused on providing a redefining approach towards the hardwood floor maintenance. Our service is customer friendly and emphasized on fulfilling your all needs. We do our best to offer a 5star experience that leaves you no less than a happy and satisfied customer. Moreover, our Eco friendly approach makes us stand out from the others. It reflects that we care about the environment we live in, and we attempt hard to encourage the practices that do not affect the atmosphere. We are passionate about encouraging the community to work for a “greener tomorrow”.
Let us take care of your hardwood floor - so you can take care of your home:
We work with great standards and ethics. When you hire us, we will strive to go beyond your expectations. We are proud of our customer service, reputation and successful clientele and we do everything within our reach to maintain this further.
For more details Please Get in touch with us 202-480-2110 Thank you for exploring our services… We are looking forward to provide you the best hardwood cleaning, polishing and bleaching Service. In order to make a booking or for more details please browse to our contact us page.
Wood Floor Polishing


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