Wood Floor Staining DC-Hardwood Floor Staining DC

If you want something different why not change the colour of your floor by applying an oil based stain. AMD hardwood flooring can be stained to your request and can bring a otherwise dull looking floor back to life. When one of our qualified team come to your premises we can apply several different sample colours to your floor for you to choose. The reason we do this and do not use colour charts is that stains can look different on different types of wood. When a test is applied to your floor you know exactly the colour you are getting.
Some of the wood staining colours include
Light Oak Wood Floor Staining
Medium Oak Wood Floor Staining
Dark Oak Wood Floor Staining
Antique Pine Wood Floor Staining
American Wallnut Wood Floor Staining
Teak Wood Floor Staining
MahogaMD Wood Floor Staining
EboMD Wood Floor Staining
Whitewash Wood Floor Staining
Jacobean Dark Oak
Plus maMD more….
Hardwood flooring can come in a variety of different shades and colours. The most popular stain options include:
Natural looks almost like bare wood.
Light is a very popular shade of stain because it darkens the grain and adds a subtle tone to the wood. It often has a slight tan hue to it.
Medium is another popular choice. It's darker than the light, so both the grain and the wood will have an obviously darker pigment, commonly a medium-brown hue.
Dark is usually a very dark brown and has a very rich feel.
A custom colour refers to aMD colour besides tan/brown/sand. DC homeowners have chosen a bright red, deep green or even white stain with striking results. Often it is best to choose a vibrant colour for smaller areas or rooms as too much of a non-neutral colour can prove to be overwhelming.

Wood Floor Staining DC-Hardwood Floor Staining DC



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